Clinical Test on sunburns


Alpine Camp on the Mont Blanc

Altitude 2600 meters

Tested Persons (14 participants):

Instructors of French Alpine Club

Mountain Guides

Amateur Climbers

Young Trainees

Responsability of tests:

Medical unit of the camp : 3 doctors

Age of the tested persons :

Instructors from 30 to 36 years old

Guides from 30 to 40 years old

Trainees from 20 to 25 years old

External Description

The skin of the guides and instructors is dry, thick and slightly wrinkled.

Kind of injuries:

The injuries are superficial skin lesions caused by overexposure to ultraviolet rays encountered at high altitude. The lesions were aggravated by the climate, time spent on the glaciers, wind and extreme cold at high altitude.

The lesions are characterized by sun rashes, possibly with blister and/or desquamation (peeling of skin).

The Regenerative Cream VITACREME B12 was applied on all persons suffering from skin lesions.

After several days of application of VITACREME B12 the obtained results were :

Persons with light burns and dry skins :

• Rapid normalization, skin becomes more supple, desquamation stopped.

• Feeling of burn rapidly eased, suntan improvement, epidermal moisture level re-established.

Persons with signs of burnt skin, wrinkled and peeling :

• Gradual improvement in skin smoothness

• Reduction of wrinkles, desquamation stopped, burns soothed

Persons who had applied in advance VITACREME B12 for prevention :

• The treated areas remained soft and moist.

• No desquamation.

By the applicaton of VITACREME B12 a considerable reduction and/or rapid improvement of the lesions caused by ultra-violet rays was found.