Clinical study made on the Regenerative Cream

The aim of the study, the results of which are the subject-matter of this report, is to try and demonstrate in human beings the specific properties of vitamin B12, administered in skin application, on the elasticity of the skin and on its general eutrophic condition.

In this study we have used, under the code number CY 176B, a cream containing vitamin B12 and, under code number CY 176F, a placebo cream without active ingredient. The body area used for the study is the back of the hand.

Posology : two applications daily in light massages, one in the morning and once in the evening, during 60 days.

Criteria set :

  • Pigmentation and freckles 
  • Wrinkles and skin folds
  • Elasticity
  • Dryness
  • Thickness of the skin folds


Criteria of valuation and comment :

Pigmentation / freckles : No valid statistical difference between the areas treated with the VITACREME B12, the placebo and the untreated areas.

Wrinkles and skin folds : The VITACREME B12 reduces, to a very significant degree, the importance of the wrinkles and skin folds, when compared to the placebo and the untreated areas.

Elasticity : The VITACREME B12 significantly improves the elasticity of the skin when compared to the areas treated with the placebo and the untreated areas.

Dryness : The VITACREME B12 corrects, in a very significant manner, the dryness of the skin compared to the areas treated with the placebo or the untreated areas.

Thickness of the skin folds : Significant increase in the thickness of the skin fold through the VITACREME B12 compared to the placebo. This increase is nevertheless not significant in comparison to the untreated areas.

If we take up the conclusion of the pharmacological study which has revealed that vitamin B12 acts predominantly at the level of the elastic fibrils, the clinical results that we report are in complete agreement. Moreover, we have been able to show an improvement, as a result of the use of vitamin B12, of the hydrophilic skin condition by correcting its initial dryness.

Vitamin B12, when administered by percutaneous method, corrects one of the basic stigmas of skin ageing, and therefore opens up a new way in the preventive as well as the curative field of skin ageing.

Clinical study carried by the Department of Gerontology Dr. J. Vincendeau

Retirement Home of Terre-Nègre, Bordeaux, France