Vitacreme B12 Testimony


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A sports enthusiast who loves the outdoors and is exposed to changing elements. It is essential for me to protect my face and exposed skin. For that reason I have been using VITRACREAM B12 for 20 years. i apply VITACREAM B12 on my shoulders every morning and ils leaves my skin velvety smooth and with a great freshness. Test them, you will adopt them.
Mr. Laurent BILAT
CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
For about fifteen years I have been faithful to VITACREAM B12. Having extremely dry skin, it is the only product which, after a day of work, still leaves me a feeling of wellbeing. Its discrete odor does not oppose my perfume; it penetrates quickly, leaving the skin moisturized not sticky. My skin is very silky and it is a product I would not want to be without.
Mme Daisy MAGNIN
CH-1184 Luins
For 20 years I have used VITACREAM B12 every day without trouble and have great satisfaction in the product. It's fluid texture spreads out easely and dries nicely. I have also noticed the delay in the appearence of wrinkles. I am 72 years old and since I have used it, I have remainded faithful to VITACREAM B12 in spite of having from one time to another succumbed to the lure of other products. I recommend this product highly to any one who wants to look after their skin in an effective way. I from time to time send this cream to my daughter-in-law living in Canada, where the climate is hot during the summer, cold and dry during the winter.
Mme Lucette GENTIL
CH-1347-Le Sentier