Who is Darvidis SA ?


 Welcome to the online shop of Darividis SA, global agent and distributor of the VITACREME B12 brand

 The first vitamin B12 based cosmetic cream launched on the market


Our company started its distribution activities in Switzerland and abroad in 1999 under the individual corporate name OPTIMA COSMETIC D. VIETTO. In February 2010 the status of the individual company changed to be the limited company DARVIDIS SA. It was founded in Switzerland in Boussens, a small village in Vaud at the heard of our country.

The quality and effectiveness of our products, which is unanimously acknowledged, has allowed the VITACREME B12 brand to attain the success which it currently enjoys. Interest in the brand has continued to grow on the export market, particularly in Asian countries and especially in Japan, a country known for being one of the most difficult markets in the world, where the Regenerative Cream has become one of the most sold products. The success of our products is continuing to grow in this country, which is the best representative of the brand in the world. The Japanese success has been echoed in the surrounding countries and new distributors are interested in the brand.

Nowadays the VITACREME B12 product range is distributed in the majority of the leading countries in Asia by means of various distribution channels. These excellent results have encouraged other countries to distribute the product. The brand is currently known and sold in 30 countries throughout the world. It is registered in Switzerland under the number IFPI 329924 and internationally under the no. WIPO 873238. VITACREME B12 is recognised and bears the quality label SWISS LABEL.